Specialist High Skills Major Program - Health and Wellness 

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What is SHSM?

Specialist High Skills Major let students focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests.

Welcome Message

Laura Secord is proud to support students with an excellent opportunity to advance their knowledge by offering a Specialist High Skills Major Program in Health and Wellness. This program lets students focus on a career path that matches their skills and interest in this sector. Here at Laura Secord, we provide ten Grade 11 and 12 credits including four that major in Science, Physical Education and Dance, allowing students to receive knowledge and skills specific to the Health and Wellness sector, and 2 cooperative education credits that provide authentic learning experiences in a workplace setting, enabling students to refine, extend, apply and practice Health and Wellness-specific skills and knowledge they acquired in the classroom.


A minimum of four Certifications that are recognized and valued by the Health and Wellness sector. These include Standard First Aid, CPR C with AED, WHMIS, and infection control. Additionally, based upon student interest and their future construction-specific sector, these courses and certifications may also be available, such as: customer service, leadership skills, portfolio development, project management, and advanced training in a technology and/or technique.


Planned learning activities that take place outside the traditional classroom setting. Providing students with the opportunity to explore, observe, participate in, and reflect on a variety of Health and Wellness-specific experiences and careers. "Reach Ahead" experiences, which are learning activities connected with the student's postsecondary goals in this sector. Development of Essential Skills and Work Habits that make it possible to learn technical, practical, and hands-on skills related to the Health and Wellness sector.

Who they're for

Students who are heading for university, college, apprenticeship or the workplace.

How they help

By making courses more relevant to students, they get a better understanding of a subject because they learn it in real work environments. Students learn on the job with employers, as well as in school. The sector-specific certifications and training they receive are valued and industry standards. The SHSM-Health and Wellness is designed to prepare students for post-secondary, and give them the opportunity to start pursuing those goals now!  SHSM-Health and Wellness is in partnership with OYAP, Co-operative learning, and the DSBN which all offer a multitude of key learning experiences, knowledge, and practical applications that will enable and help ensure that students are better prepared for their post-secondary goals. At graduation, students receive a specially designated diploma and an SHSM record outlining all of their achievements within the SHSM-Health and Wellness.

How to get started?

To find out more about the Specialist High Skills Majors that are offered at Laura Secord, talk to the SHSM Construction Leader or any Secord Science or Physical Education Teacher.

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