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Physical Education

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Welcome to Physical Education

The physical and health education department at Laura Secord promotes the philosophies of “Fit for Life” and “Healthy body, healthy mind” in the hopes of achieving homeostasis (balance). Our program is unique and all inclusive in delivery so “everyone” no matter their size, shape or athleticism can participate and thus achieve the five F’s (Fun, Fundamentals, Friendships, Fitness, Forever) strived for. This is accomplished through the basic principles of Play. Students are also challenged intellectually through a comprehensive, grade sequenced health education program where information on cardiovascular, nutritional, musculoskeletal, social and psychological fitness is presented and discussed. It is our belief that this information is beneficial to the improvement of individual well-being and the quality of life in our community. Physical and health education is the only course that touches every aspect of a student's life. We hope that parents and students alike realize the tremendous benefits and are encouraged to schedule their timetables accordingly. “What good is it to an individual who is uni-dimensional on their journey to be financially successful if they compromise balance in their physical, cultural, social and emotional health along the way and thus are unable to enjoy the fruits of their labour?”

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