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Modern Languages


The goal of our French courses is to help students gain the communication skills needed when they encounter various social situations in their community and beyond. We encourage our students to use their French speaking skills with enthusiasm in the classroom, how to take risks in a fun, supportive environment, and how to be critical thinkers (all of which are skills that are needed in the future). We believe that the acquisition of a second language promotes cultural awareness and acceptance of others.


In their grade 12 year, DSBN French students have the opportunity to complete the DELF French Proficiency test.  The DELF is an internationally recognized examination issued by the French Ministry of National Education, and the diplomas are recognized worldwide as lifelong proof of the student’s French language skills.Successful students will be given a diploma with their proficiency certification from the DELF Centre in France, which can be used for specialized programming at post-secondary schools, as well as with potential employers. Students are eligible to write the DELF exam if they are currently enrolled in or have completed Grade 12 University Core French (FSF4U).

Community Trips

In recent years, community trips have been organized to Paris, the French Riviera, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. 

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