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Cooperative Education

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Experiential Learning programs are learning experiences that take place in the community. They can help students make post-secondary pathway and career decisions by allowing them to make connections between their classroom learning and the workplace. A Cooperative Education (co-op) program lets students try out career options and gain experience in a workplace setting while earning credits towards their OSSD. The combination of classroom and at-work hours is intended to give students a better feel for the workplace in general. All co-op students come through this program having had practical experience and the chance to develop the work habits, knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary for success in the workplace.


Laura Secord is very grateful for the contributions of our community partners to the Cooperative Education program. Thank you for providing students with opportunities in the workplace and allowing students to have new experiences that they could never have without a college/university education. This program would not be a success without your patients and dedication.

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The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is a unique "school to career" program specifically developed to prepare secondary school students to make a smooth transition from secondary school directly into their post-secondary apprenticeship program. By participating in this program, secondary school students get a head start on their desired apprenticeship while completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. See a Co-op teacher or the Guidance Department for more information.

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