Cell Phone Policy

The classroom is for instructional purposes only and NOT for social networking. Cell phones and other electronic devices are a distraction during instruction and can compromise the integrity of assessments. This has become especially problematic with the increase in the usage of text messaging and candid photo-taking with phones that are camera-equipped. While we understand parental concerns relating to student safety, student are not always using proper discretion when choosing "where" and "when" to use their phones.

To help safeguard the integrity of our curriculum and the privacy of our staff and student body, we ask students and parents to adhere to the following guideline:

 Cell phones may be used at school, HOWEVER, they may only be used before school, after school or at lunch at the main entrance areas.

Students MUST turn off their phones upon entering the school.

Parents are asked NOT to text or phone students during the school day. For emergency purposes, parents may contact the school.

Students found using their phones or other electronic devices in class or during instructional periods may be asked to hand their electronic devices over to a teacher or to Administration for the remainder of the day. For repeated offences, parents may be asked to come into the school to retrieve the devices or students may incur a suspension.

Please note that the security of these devices is the responsibility of the students and is NOT the responsibility of the Administration.