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This page contains answers to commonly asked questions. Please contact or visit the Guidance Office should you require further information.

How do I arrange to see a Guidance Counsellor?

Please visit the Guidance Office and sign up for an appointment during your MSIP period.  A sign up sheet for each period is located on the table just inside the door.  Your appointment will usually be scheduled for the next day.  We will call into your MSIP classroom and ask that you come to Guidance for your appointment.  Therefore, it is VERY important that you attend MSIP each and every day.

How do I arrange to see our School Nurse or Social Worker?

Please see a Guidance staff member to make your request. Please note the School Nurse is not in every day but has a weekly schedule of visits to the school.  Referrals to our Social Worker are made through Guidance or Administration.  Please check the Need Help? bulletin board in the Guidance Office for more information.

How do I drop or change a class?

Please make an appointment with a Guidance Counsellor to discuss your intentions. Should a drop or change be in order, a form will need to be completed and signed by parent/guardian before the drop or change takes place.

How do I sign up for presentations put on by the Guidance Department?

You will find the Guidance Presentations sign-up sheets posted outside the Guidance Office on the table.  Make note of the date, time, and location of the presentation in your agenda so you don't forget about it. You must sign up in advance in order to attend.  The sign up sheet will be closed at 3:00 pm at the end of the day prior to the presentation day.

How do I obtain a reference letter? 

Firstly, you should ensure that the person whom you wish to provide you with the reference is willing to do so. Secondly, you should print a Reference Request form available on the Presentations, Documents and Forms page of this website. Complete the form neatly and in full, sign it and submit it to the appropriate individual. You should allow at least a week for processing.

Can I take or borrow items from the Guidance Office?

Just about anything is available for you to take as long as it doesn't have a "DO NOT REMOVE" sticker on it. All items with these stickers may only be viewed or used in the Guidance Office unless you have the express consent to borrow them from a Guidance staff member.