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Night School Information 

All Night School courses will offered ONLINE ONLY.

Click here to see a list of courses being offered for Semester 1.

Night School Courses 2020-21 Semester 1

Classes begin September 29.

To register for a Night School course, please contact Guidance for an application form.  This form MUST be signed by our Principal, Ms. Tritchew.

September 2020 Timetables

The DSBN has moved to a new Student Information System for Secondary Schools.  This system is used to generate your timetable, track earned credits, attendance, etc. Many people worked countless hours over the summer to transition your course requests from Careercruising or those changes submitted by May 1, to your current timetable.  In addition to ensuring that your primary course requests, or in some instances your alternates, were taken into consideration, the DSBN had to adhere to the Ministry of Education's requirements of two cohorts, each having class caps that adhered to public health directives.

So, what does this mean for timetable changes for this year? The number for such will be extremely limited.  There has been a priority sequence determined by the Board as follows: 

  • New registrations to Laura Secord

  • Grade 12s who need a prerequisite for a post secondary destination. Maybe your pathway changed, or you did some research and now realize you NEED a course that you did not previously select.  (Please use links below to research college and university program requirements.)

  • those who have been impacted by summer school

  • students missing compulsory courses

Frequently Asked/Emailed Questions

“I emailed/left you a message over the summer. Did you get it?”

  • Thank you.  Yes we did, your name has been added to a list. Timetable changes will be made according to the priority sequence addressed above.

“I took a course in the summer..”

  • That is awesome!  If you registered for summer school before the end of June then we already adjusted your timetable if the course you were taking was a compulsory or a duplicate elective. 

  • If you registered for summer school in July/August we have not adjusted for such just yet.  But rest assured, we have reports that we will be using to reach out to those students and will be contacting you shortly.

  • If you were not successful with a summer course, or dropped one that you had registered for, don’t worry, we have reports for that as well.  Stay tuned.  We will be in touch.

“I am entering Grade 9.  I took summer Phys Ed and I also selected it in Careercruising last year. What do I do?”

  • Nothing.  The Phys Ed credit you earned was PAF 20 - a grade 10 personal fitness credit.  The grade 9 Phys Ed credit is PPL 10 - group activities.  This will still count as another elective.

“I want to change some of my electives, how can I do this?”

  • We are confident that you have chosen your courses wisely as per the post secondary considerations in mind. All students are expected to attend the courses as indicated on their current timetable. 

  • With the complexity of scheduling this year our ability to change electives is difficult. All timetable changes will follow the sequencing addressed above. This year, the courses at Laura Secord must adhere to class caps and cohort alignment.  Therefore our ability to change electives is not easy this year and in all likelihood will not occur for electives.  Again, we are following the priority sequence addressed above.

“I want to switch cohorts/my instructional method…”

  • Cohorts, online learning, and bussing, is not facilitated through Guidance. Please contact the Main Office.

“I still would like to speak with a Counsellor as to my options moving forward”.

  • Please email karen.biega@dsbn.org to add your name to our Appointment List.  We will contact you as soon as possible.

Prerequisites for college and university programs can be found at: