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Individual Pathways Plan

Starting in Grade 7, students begin to document what they learn in the Education and Career/Life Planning Program in an Individual Pathways Plan (IPP). The IPP becomes the primary planning tool that students use as they proceed through school towards their initial post-secondary destination. Ongoing development of the IPP provides students with a valuable archive of their learning and a catalogue of the resources they need for planning. 

The IPP provides the structure for students to document evidence of their ongoing inquiry and development in the four areas of learning. For each area of learning, students report and reflect on what they did, the skills and knowledge they used, what they learned, and how they applied or plan to apply what they learned. By developing their Individual Pathways Plan, students take responsibility for their learning and for planning their future. Developing their IPP increases students’ awareness of their strengths and interests and of the related opportunities for learning and work. It also enables them, in collaboration with teachers, parents, and peers, to make decisions, set goals, and develop and implement the steps needed to successfully complete elementary and secondary school and proceed to their initial post-secondary destination. 

Students review their IPP a minimum of twice a year in collaboration with a teachers and/or guidance counsellors, their parents/guardians, in student-led conferences and/or their peers, where appropriate. Through this collaborative review, parents/guardians, teachers, and guidance counsellors gain insight into the options students are considering, the challenges they face, the learning opportunities they have identified, and the plans they have started to develop. It also gives them a chance to actively support the student and to contribute ideas about learning opportunities that could be made available to the student. 

Students will use our online system to complete their IPP, and we will provide them with the necessary instruction and guidance to do so. 

2021-22 - Instructions for Students

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