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Grade 8 to 9

Welcome Future Patriots!

Our school’s rich and varied curriculum includes the core subjects English, Math, Science, History, and Geography with elective courses in areas such as Business, Computer Studies, French, Healthy Active Living Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology; and a comprehensive Arts program including Dance, Drama, Music Theatre, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, and Visual Arts.

Our extensive course offerings along with enhanced opportunities such as the District of Niagara Academy for the Arts, Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture, and our Co-operative Education and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs, provides students with the preparation that they need regardless of their chosen post-secondary destination.

Academic achievement and scholarships are priorities at Laura Secord.  We expect our students to graduate.  We expect them to leave us with clearly defined post-secondary plans.  To help students meet these expectations our Guidance Department takes the time to meet personally with every student every year of high school to discuss his or her course selections and future plans. 

Resources to help you include:

How do I apply for the DNA Arts Program?

The 2022-21 Application will be available later in Semester 1..

IF YOU ARE NOT APPLYING FOR THE DNA ARTS PROGRAM, please read the following information:

How do I enrol at Laura Secord?


If you are a:

DSBN Student - Living in Laura Secord Boundary

If your student is currently a DSBN student and lives within the Laura Secord boundary area and they wish to attend Laura Secord, all they need to do is complete their online course selections and submit their signed Course Request Sheet to their Elementary School Principal by January 15, 2021.  

If you are a:

DSBN Student - NOT Living in Laura Secord Boundary

If your student is currently a DSBN student and they do NOT live within the Laura Secord boundary area but wish to attend our school, they will: 

1.  Complete their online course selections for their home secondary school with their Grade 8 teacher.
2.  Complete an Alternate School Request Form available from your Elementary Principal.  The form includes generic course selections for compulsory grade 9 courses; if approved, the requested secondary school will contact the parent and student to confirm optional courses.

All of this must be submitted to the elementary school Principal by January 15, 2021.

Application for an Alternate School does not guarantee approval.  Students who are approved through this process are responsible for their own transportation.  Alternate School Requests will be reviewed by a DSBN Central Team.

If you are:

Not Currently a DSBN Student

If your student is not currently a DSBN student (e.g., attending a Catholic school or private school or is being home schooled), you will need to contact the Principal of your BOUNDARY DSBN high school

The Principal will outline the process for you to follow.