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Community Involvement Hours

Every student who begins secondary school in Ontario is required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement in order to receive a diploma.  The purpose of this requirement is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the various roles they can play in their community and to help develop a greater sense of belonging within their community.

We encourage students to fulfill this requirement as soon as possible after starting high school.  As an incentive, Grade 9 students who earn at least 40 hours of community involvement prior to the end of their first year of high school will be honoured at the Fall Awards Assembly and will receive a special certificate and gift.

All students must use the online system called Hour Republic to submit community involvement hours. 

Want to get more information about this graduation requirement? For more information on community involvement, please read the DSBN resources:

DSBN Booklet

DSBN Welcome Letter
Looking for places to complete your hours?

For information on community involvement opportunities within our community, please check out the online Volunteer Connections or visit the Guidance Office.

If you are not sure if the organization you wish to volunteer with is an acceptable placement, please contact the Guidance Office BEFORE you begin volunteering.

Want to set up your Community Involvement online account?

Adding Volunteer Hours Interactive Tutorial - 6 minutes:  Tutorial

Are you a parent/guardian or employer/organization looking for instructions on how to approve hours?

This FAQ is useful for parents/guardians and employers/organizations as it explains how hours are verified: