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Multi-Subject Instructional Period  

MSIP: The 5-Period Day 

What is it? 

  • A 5-period day with 60-minute classes instead of 75-minute classes. 

  • A compulsory period. MSIP is recognized as instructional time by the Ministry of Education.  Not attending MSIP classes can compromise the completion of your credits and compromise your eligibility for a Demonstration of Learning exam exemption. 

What are the benefits for students? 

  • Increased advantage to learning by providing additional time and/or support for the completion of work with the overall goal of mastering student learning.   

What do students work on during their MSIP period? 

  • Homework, test preparation, projects/assignments, assigned work from the regular classes and reading. 

  • Students may also obtain Travel Slips to sign out of their assigned MSIP class to work in other areas of the school such as the Library Learning Commons, computer lab or to meet with another teacher for subject specific assistance.    


During MSIP classes, students must adhere to the following: 

DO …


  • attend regularly and on time

  • review your notes, textbook and read or work ahead on assignments

  • complete homework, missed assignments, tests/labs, complete new work

  • obtain peer assistance if required

  • maintain a proper instructional environment

  • use your agenda to keep track of homework

  • come prepared to do your work

  • provide a Travel Slip if you want to work elsewhere in the building

  • use your cell phone 

  • leave the classroom without permission

  • forget to obtain a Travel Slip prior to going to your MSIP class

  • bring food or drinks into the classroom

  • make any trips to the vending machine or cafeteria during your MSIP class

  • make any unnecessary noise

  • play any games

  • use Facebook, YouTube, ...

  • say you have “nothing to do”