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Timeline for 2016/2017: 

Sept. 20th - Assembly, Period 5 for Grade 10 and previously eligible students last 15 minutes of Period 5; Information will be sent home to parents

Sept. 22nd and 23rd - Students will be able to try the Public Practice Test and learn the Navigation Tools 

Oct. 13th - Grade 10 and previously eligible students will complete the Secure Practice Test

Oct. 18th - Final Test-Taking Tips for students during MSIP

Oct. 20th - Online OSSLT - if a student passes, he or she had met the OSSLT graduation requirement. If a student is unsuccessful, it doesn't count as a failed attempt. These students will receive targeted support so they can score better on March 30th. 

Click Here to visit the EQAO website and to take the Public Practice Test

Parent Brochure Online OSSLT 2016-2017