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The 2016/2017 Team

Evan Agnew Zach Hawkins     Jamie Beaucage                    
Aws Al Jumaily Cameron McKay-Cotton          Alyssa Brooker
Cambpell Basile        William Siemens     Shae Dutcher
Frank Boese Dryden Smith  Jodi Nokeo
Dylan Carpenter Caelan Steadman  Emma Redeye
Luke Davidson Raymond Stearns  Rebecca Tomlin
Aidan Gowans Eric Wilson  Suslande Breau
Marcus Hale   

Ms. Crosbie, Ms. Nuyen, Jason Sharp, Josh Barbas, Perry Wakulich
Manager: Grace Doucette

Results from Zone Championships Feb. 15, 2017
Our wrestlers had an impressive Zone Championship Feb. 15th, with our boys team placing 2nd overall, and our girls placing 3rd. In the team standings, the Patriots captured third place. Individually, we had two Zone Champs, Dylan Carpenter and Frank Boese. Second place finishes went to  Suslande Breau, Shae-Lynne Dutcher, Aidan Gowans and Caelan Steadman.  Aws Al-Jumaily, Jaime Beaucage, Jodie Nokeo, Emma Redeye and Ray Stearns all finished third in their weight classes, while Cameron MacKay Cotton and Will Siemens ended up in fourth. 

Results from Tournament at Blessed Trinity Dec. 2, 2016

Caelan Steadman - Silver, Will Siemejns - Gold, Aidan Gowans - Silver, Eric Wilson - Bronze,Campbell Basile - Gold, Jamie Beaucage - Silver, Dylan Carpenter - Silver and Shae Dutcher - Bronze

Results from the Tournament at Eden Dec. 20, 2016
14 wrestlers, 11 medals. The following wrestlers got silver medals. Aws "the House" Al Jumaily, Frank "the Tank" Boese, Campbell "Soup" Basile, Aidan "Mighty Mouse" Gowans, "Steady" Caelan  Steadman, Suslande and Jodie "No Go" Nokeo. Bronze medals went to Dylan Carpenter, Luke Davidson, Zachary Hawkins and Dryden Smith. Evan Agnew got 4th,Cameron McKay-Cotton 5th and Markus 6th. Great results for Secord wrestlers.
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